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Camp Bestival Weekend

on Monday, 12 August 2013. Posted in MK News

Another one finished... and relax!

We had another great year at Camp Bestival. Many thanks to all our regulars.

We arrived on the Thursday to set-up our pop-up kitchen ready for the early start on Friday. Our team on-site consisted of me (Sally), Luana, Emma, Carol, Fiona and our two new helpers Emma & Lucy. Our Crossway Kitchens were working 24/7 with Davy and Kirsty freshly preping the salads and baking the quiches, brownies and tarts for the following day.


As always it was a hectic but very enjoyable weekend. We met some lovely people along the way and the Bad Boy Brownies went down a storm again.


It has taken me a week to recover and we have already had a meeting about how we can make next years Manna Kitchen menu bigger and better.

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